Admin settings page accessible via GUI?

In the past, the admin user could log into a site and access the admin settings. If memory serves, this was one of the options in the drop-down shown when one clicked the user’s name.

Now, in at least versions 22.06 and on, I can’t seem to find how to acces that page via Headquarters’ graphical interface.

However, the page still exists and can be accessed by modifying the URL. For example, typing takes me to where I need to go.

Does a link to this page still exist in the GUI? If so, could you please point me where to look?

Hello @arthurshaw2002 ,

in version 21.01 of Survey Solutions workspaces were introduced. The settings you are looking for are workspace-specific, as noted in the release notes for that version, Isolation of work into workspaces, bullet 11:

11. Administrator configures each workspace settings separately (logo, global message, export password, email providers, etc).

I have updated the admin settings article you’ve mentioned above to explicitly mention the need to click on a particular workspace name to get access to its settings.

The URL that you’ve mentioned is a compatibility stab, which allows access to the settings of the default workspace (primary) only. It may stop working or work differently in the future.

Thanks, Sergiy!

Sorry I missed this is the menu. Does a link to the workspaces-specific settings page exist elsewhere?