Adjustment to roster flat display mode

Dear Team,

I have a roster with 12 items, but only five are questions. Five are variables and 2 are static text. Is it possible to redesign the plain mode so that the 10 elements relate to only questions?


Another request is the ability of the interviewers to tap and toggle a switch that allows them to alternate between plain and sub-section display modes.

I encountered a same limitations of the designer.

Compilation error: Plain mode allowed only for rosters with no more than 10 elements.

Roster limit in “Flat” display mode is 10 elements. I need to show only 5 questions but in that roster have to be also some variables, static text and hidden questions.
Do you thing is possible to change those limits or at least not counting variables or hidden questions?

Maybe if I could create a “hidden Roster”, I could move at least the variables there …


If you have two or more rosters triggered by the same trigger question you can relocate the variables from one to another, and through that vacate some space towards the limit of 10 in the flat roster.

I have not heard of a “hidden Roster”.

Sadly we re using 2 times flat roster and both are full (10 elements).

Thanks for answer, we will try to do it by some other way.

@matrinb, have you managed to resolve this?

I resorted to a regular roster in the end.

No, I have to rework the questionnaire first, because I have reached the limits of preloading data (it is not possible to pre-load the linked single-select question), so I will try to figure it out later. But I have already seen request on github that the limits for a flat list could increase in the future.
Thank you.