Adjust multiselect options within a roster depending on current roster subject


I have created a roster from a multiselect question and would like to adjust the answer options of another multiselect question within the roster depending on the current roster subject for which the question is answered.

For example, the multiselect question on which the roster is based asks: Who are the stakeholders? Now I would like to ask a multiselect question for each stakeholder with answer options a1, a2 and a3 for the first two stakeholders but only answer options a1 and a2 for the third stakeholder.

Is this even possible within a single roster framework?

I would appreciate your help,


First two by order of selection? or top-to-bottom?

The first two by Top-to-bottom.

In this sense the order is not of importance, I would like to exclude answer options for one specific stakeholder.

that is a new twist.
I originally understood that the first two selections should be treated from the other selections.
Say 5 selected from 17, so first two have more choices subsequently.

Do you mean now that you ONLY have 3 stakeholders, and for just one of them you want to eliminate a certain option(s)?

Please excuse the unclear description above. Yes, I only have three stakeholders (say students, parents, teachers) and would like to eliminate certain answer options in the subsequent roster for one specific group (say teachers) in a multi-select question.

Michelle, in that case you apply a filter to the options of your inner multiselect question, something like:

(@rowcode!=AAA) || (@optioncode!=XXX)

where AAA is the code of teachers and XXX is the option code that should not be applicable to the teachers.

The code above should be working regardless how many selections were made for the stakeholders (meaning the option XXX will not be available for teachers (code AAA) even if teachers are the only selection).

Please try it, let us know if this is what you were up to.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your help, Sergiy.