Additional time after the server's expiry date

Dear SS team, I wonder wether there is an additional time to continue the field work (applying surveys) after the server’s expiry date. If so, how much it is?

If you still need a server after the originally estimated end date, submit a server extension request and explain your situation in the comment field. We will act depending on the situation.

Yes, I already asked for extension but I wanted to know what happen if it is not accepted. We completed a request around 10 days ago but for some reason it did not enter, so a new server extension request was submitted yesterday (october16). As the expiry date is on monday (october21) I am afraid to be closed.

Dear cboppm, I don’t see any request from your user account being ~10 days ago. You can contact the support team with a 4-digit request number if you feel your request was incorrectly declined or left unprocessed. The previous request regarding the same server as yesterday was processed Aug 12, 2019 and so far all of your requests were approved. So I don’t see a reason to panic.