Additional Interview Chart Options

The cumulative interview chart is awesome for reporting.
It would be very nice if it had some of the options that have been added to the ‘Quantity’ and ‘Speed’ sections.

Options such as ‘All questionnaires’ (optional awesomeness, ability to tick desired questionnaires)
An option to restrict it to a certain team/supervisor or teams/supervisors would also be excellent.

This is a low priority because it can be built from the information in the Quantity section by the user, but it’d be really nice if it was built into the chart


We will consider at least some of your suggestions for the next release.


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Nice job on the new reporting filters, I really like the way it works now with the questionnaires combining by default and being able to be separated by questionnaire and version.
The cumulative interview chart is also pretty great.

Glad you like it. This is in response to your request.