Adding user-defined category indicates value too big

I am currently trying to upload HS codes as user-defined categories, the length of the HS code is 10 digits, however, when i tried adding the first option, the value indicates “value is too big”
can someone kindly help me to upload the 10 digit HS code the exact code i tried is “2202100000”

Category value uses Int as underlining data type.
Maximum allowed value is 2147483647.

okay, thank you. However, how can i accomodate the HSCode since some are greater than this number.

According to Confluence Mobile - UN Statistics Wiki the HS-codes are 6-digits long and there are approximately 5,300 of them defined in total. This fits very well into the capabilities and capacity provided by the combobox single select question.

If you’ve referring to any other coding or classification, please provide adequate details.

We have customized the HS codes because it will be hectic to train our enumerators to understand the six digit code, hence we have recoded to 10 digits to which we will recode back after the survey. However it indicates I have exceeded maximum value.
Especially this value threw an error “2202100000”

I am struggling to understand how a 10-digit classification can become simpler than the 6-digit classification from which it was derived.

I also don’t understand why codes are a subject of discussion at all, since the interviewers don’t see the numerical codes attached to categories in categorical questions in Survey Solutions.

This is because we have added some local products which are not in the HS codes but whoever, will recode them back to the actual 6 digit code after the survey

Dear all,
Let me make a small contribution to this discussion as I understand the problem.

  1. You should make a distinction between the code you need and the technial code in Survey Solutions: Consider your code as a label, rather than a code: for instance use Cheese (2202100000), but this code has a number lower than 2147483647 in the system.
  2. If you need to make hierarchical choices, go from the main group to a more detailed group, you need to create perhaps 10 code sets: 1 for each number starting with 0-9 or so, this eliminates the problem of the 2147483647 limit.
  3. After data collection you can build your code system again from the “labels”.
    I hope I explain myself well.
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This resolves it. thank you @Arthur