Adding third select in multi select options

Is it possible to add third select in multi select option e.g. I have three option (Yes, No and Not applicable) I would like to put them as multi select for one question (That is in survey solution in “kind” option instead of only yes and no can i have the third select)?

yes. use a flat fixed roster with a single select question.

Como quedaria el ejemplo?, porque necesito usar una lista con mas opciones?

it depends on the context, for example kenneth’s 3rd option is “not applicable”. If the option is not applicable, it’s better to filter it out and not show on the screen at all.

estoy de acuerdo que en ese contexto no se requeriria, pero que pasas cuando si se requiere. ¿existe forma de poner mas opciones? o ¡no es posible!

See the chart above then.