Adding interviewer ID variable in the main data file

Dear Survey Solutions team,

Is it possible to have a variable in the main data export file (ie the file named after the questionnaire variable) that identifies who the responsible interviewer was without adding a question to the questionnaire that is visible to the interviewer? I know I could get this by merging e.g. the interview_diagnostics file with the main file via the interview_id, but it would be nice to be able to skip this step and see it straight away in the main data file.

Could I for instance somehow include this in the identifying information of the assignment upload file, but without this linking to a visible question in the questionnaire?

Many thanks in advance,


Yes, this variable is called _responsible.

But then how do I make this variable appear in the main data export file please (rather than in only the support files such as interview_actions or interview_diagnostics)?

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the _responsible variable exists only as intent when you are preloading the data to Survey Solutions.

The actual responsible in many of our surveys may be different, and in particular can be multiple over the course of the interview.

Simple survey software (or naive questionnaires) often have only one field to record the interviewer code or name, either retaining the first or the last interviewer or abstaining from this issue all together.

Survey Solutions tracks all the interviewers contributing to the interview in the interview__actions file, which must be used in this case.

Thank you Sergiy,

I understand. I was just trying to work around something, but I’ll merge the files.