Adding identifier on url

Please bear with me as I am new here

  1. Since weblink is usually shown as, how can I add my own variable on the link or identifier? I am looking something like
  2. Can this url with identifier be exported?

Thank you so much

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Thank you for this.
My problem is that we will get data from other platform and that platform will lead to SurveySolutions url. That platform will be the one to identify the variables to add to the url of SurveySolutions. Is this possible, without preloading? I as thinking of a dynamic link, then the other platform will add the variable after “sn=”

You are inventing this. This is not a functionality that exists in the Survey Solutions software.

  1. What is the other system and what are it’s capabilities? (title, version, link to manufacturer’s documentation).
  2. What is the rationale to rule out preloading?
  3. What is sn ?

the other system is surveytogo, we will use it for filtering province, then city/municipality then barangay (aroung 44k of data). It will then generate a code corresponding to those areas, which we are thinking of passing to the SurveySolution link. sn is the code that will be generated. We are testing it right now, and the problem we are encountering is on how we could get the code from surveytogo (which can be solved by passing it t0 the surveysolution url).

Dear Psrcmanila,

if the surveytogo system is used solely to select the barangay, then I feel it is redundant. The selection of barangay could be accommodated in Survey Solutions, see around cascading selections, which should be most useful in this case.

Best, Sergiy

Hi, our scriptor tried but encounter difficulty. Maybe because the data is so big. we have 84 provinces, 1647 cities and 42042 barangays. Upon selection of province it will display the cities for that specific province. Upon selection of cities it will display the specific barangay for that city. Maybe its the large number of barangay that hinders us on using cascading selection. Do you have suggestion on how we can properly implement this?

Dear Psrcmanila,

each combobox selector in Survey Solutions allows up to 15,000 choices, so 3 comboboxes should be capable of handling 3x15,000=45,000 barangays. So upon selection of the province, I would show only the combobox that contains the barangays of that province.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

Thank you so much, this solves our concern.
We’ll just have to replace the code with our client’s code and try to export it and we’re good to go.