Adding a cascade option with two or more parentIDs

Hello @sergiy ,
I am trying to add an option to my cascade, with depends on a previous question, however, i want to implement it in a way such that, it one option always pops up no matter the selection you indiciate.

Consider using filter conditions and a lookup table to achieve this. In that way, you could write your own logic to filter options (e.g., show all options associated with β€œparent” value in lookup table and some choice that should always show up).


Thank you @arthurshaw2002

Note that you could also include the same option to each subgroup of the cascade.

This is the only case when it is allowed to have repetitive labels in a categorical question (when they occur within different subgroups, so those occurrences must have different parentCodes). In a normal (non-cascading) categorical question you would get a compilation error if you try to include the same text label twice, even with different numeric codes.

This allows including the options like β€œNOT POSSIBLE TO CLASSIFY” or β€œNOT ENOUGH INFO” into any group. (but that entry in every group would be counted towards the 15k categories limit). If the number of the groups is very large you can try to do the filtering approach, but you may want to check you are still getting the adequate performance.

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