Add `Comments` column to `Interviews` tab and to API

Use case: As a (busy) headquarters or supervisor user, I want to know two things about each interview:

  1. Are there any errors that I should investigate?
  2. Are there any comments I need to review?

If the answer to either is “yes”, I should review the interview more carefully.

Currently, the both the UI and API help me answer the first question, not the second. Without opening the interview (in the case of the UI) or consulting other data sources (in the case of the API), I do not know whether the interview contains comments.

Going forward, it would nice to make two changes:

  1. Adding a Comments column to the Interviews tab.
  2. Adding the same info to what’s returned by the /api/v1/interviews endpoint

Since adding this column would make the UI rather crowded, here are some ideas of how to make space for a Comments column

  • Delete Received by Interviewer. Put this information into the Status History pop-up instead. Valuable information, but not something that needs to be immediately shown in Interviewers tab
  • Delete Assignment number. Put this information in Status History as well, making the assignment number into a link to the corresponding assignment in the assignment view (see feature here
  • Decrease width of ERRORS column. This column seems to have a fixed width that is larger than any reasonable number that could appear there. (See below)
  • Use icons, if needed, to denote presence of errors and comments. This would echo the graphical design choice in Designer for showing where enablement and validation conditions are present.



There are still ways of knowing whether an interview contains comment, but both require going outside of the UI:

  1. Looking at the questions__comments column in the interview__diagnostics file, which is exported along with all microdata files.
  2. Determining whether there are any comments by looking for them in the interview__comments file, which is also exported along with all other microdata.
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Perhaps, it is simpler just to open the interview and check the filter for questions with comments immediately visible at the left?


Sure, this is an additional work-around.

But the nature of the feature idea is to make this information visible for all interviews so that the user does not have to open each interview individually.

Linked to this is the inability to determine whether a comment is still relevant or has previously been addressed in earlier review rounds.
There is no way to mark a comment as resolved.

This issue will come up if you add a comment counter because its purpose is to show at a glance the current status of the interview.
This discussion is in this thread Allow Supervisor to mark when rejected question issue is resolved