Add classifications from international regional bodies

In order to help users more easily follow international and regional standard classifications, ingest relevant classifications from international and regional sources:

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Followed the link to FAO commodity list, then
from there, and ended up at the “Page not found”.

Similarly followed the link to AFRISTAT, then to list of occupations
from there, and ended up at “Page not found”.

If there is a particular classification - it can be added to the classifications library.
We need it in the code - label tab-delimited format:

1 Tomatoes
2 Potatoes
3 Corn

If there are users from the above mentioned organizations, or parties closely working with them, let me know and we can have a meeting on this.

Dear Sergiy,
I’m just coming back to our survey solutions work - I would love to add the FAO classifications but the classification button does not work on my account.

Alicia English