Activate audio recording from a completed interview

Good evening survey team, I have an interview that was completed but your assignment was created without checking the audio recording check, is it possible to activate the audio of that interview? If so, what is the procedure to follow?
thanks for your quick response.

Audio audit is a property that can be changed in an assignment, not an interview.

What is the situation?

At this moment the interview is in state approved by headquarters, but it does not have audio because the check audit recording was not marked in the assignment.

What I want to know is how to turn down the interview so that the interviewer can do the interview again but this time he has the active audio.

One solution could be to change the assignment of the audio recording setting interview from NO to YES so that the audio is activated, then reject the interview and the interviewer does it again and thus have the audio?

Create another assignment with audio audit activated. Have the interviewer start all over. Respondent cooperation is unlikely. Earlier interview will contaminate the subsequent one (e.g. I expect it to run faster the second time).

No. This will not activate the recording. (afaik, you can try of course).

I meant what is the situation that you need this. Abstracting from a particular CAPI system, what problem are you solving?

Thanks for the indication Sergiy, we will create another assignment with the audio activated.

I have an additional question about the audio record. What happens if the questionnaire has the “record audio” box checked and the “audio recording” box is not marked in the assignment, is an audio record generated for that assignment?

I attached the screens where it is shown that the questionnaire is marked while the assignment is not marked.

The assignment attribute shall prevail.

One can interpret the questionnaire setting as the default value for the newly created assignments in the batch mode where the _record_audio attribute is not specified:

_record_audio - audio recording is enabled for interviews (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled, blank - get this value from questionnaire);