Accessing the text/label after answering a Single-select

Hi Guys!

I’m aware that I can access it via %qid% but what I wanted is to store the text into a different variable
Is this possible?

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@busybee_jake can you propery describe what your doing? the outcome your getting? and what outcome you want to get?

From what your saying text piping click Text substitution and creating a variable click Variables

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Hi @blessingskalua

My set-up is I have a series of Single-select questions where I’m asking the respondent’s Province, City and etc. per below:

Prov - Main
----Brgy 1
----Brgy 2
----Brgy 1
----Brgy 2

Then, there are conditions base from Prov for which City & Brgy. you’re to pick/select

Then our goal is to show in a static page the selected answers from Prov, City, Brgy selected

This would be easy if we’re only using 1 question for City & Brgy but in our case. we have to split into a series of single select due to our list is far too large for the designer to handle

*The reason for my original question is that I’m thinking of storing the selected answers into a variable but when I tried it. It stores the value instead of the text

Thank you

If by static page you actually mean static text then the following should be sufficient:

Selected earlier was: %Prov% - %City% - %Brgy%

and you will see the textual labels associated with the selected codes in these variables, so you will see something like:

Selected ealier was: Manila - Quezon City - Bahay Toro

This is called text substitution and @blessingskalua has already provided a link to the Survey Solutions documentation explaining this.

Best, Sergiy

Hi @sergiy

Yes, I’m aware of this if we’re only talking about 1 City and 1 Brgy only.
My problem is that we have multiple City and Brgy (why? this is explained in my 1st reply)

Therefore, I cannot use the example code you provide since it’s only base from 1 of the City & Brgy

Note that below are questions not options that we have applied. This how it looks like in the designer

Prov - Single-Select
–City1 - Single-Select
----Brgy 1 - Single-Select
----Brgy 2 - Single-Select
–City2 - Single-Select
----Brgy 1 - Single-Select
----Brgy 2 - Single-Select

Hi Guys!

I’m still looking for a solution to this.

Here’s the screenshot of our question set-up