Accessing %rostertitle% in string variable


I have the situation where i want to set up a variable to store the roster row name and pipe it into subsequent questions text. (I know @rowname is not accesable anymore). I know we can use %rostertitle% to pipe directly into text but i can’t get it to populate the string variable.

Reason I want to use this variable is I have a “other specify” type row in a roster and would like for this row to pipe into question text the input for other specify text question, and for remaining rows will pipe in %rostertitle%.

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there is no way to access %rostertitle% in the syntax.
Perhaps, you can mention both in your question, such as “Where did you buy %rostertitle% %vother%?
with vother being the variable name where the value of the other item is specified.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks Sergy,

I ended up making a string variable to hold the other specify value with nice formatting otherwise just a space if not an other specify row and then use substituion like %rostertitle%%string% where string is…

IsAnswered(OTHER) ?
" - " + OTHER :
" "

Incase that is helpful to others. Thanks!

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Hi Sergiy,

I think I have a similar question – I have crop types split across three different single-select questions. Each question contains the option “0” for “None of the crops listed below”. Essentially, two of these questions will be answered with 0, while one will register the specific crop.

I would like to create a variable that examines these three questions to identify which one has a crop listed (answer code > 0), and then extract the crop name. The closest I could get was extracting the numerical answer code as a string.

var = (i01_01 > 0) ? i01_01.toString() :
i01_02 > 0) ? i01_02.toString() :
i01_03 > 0) ? i01_03.toString() : " "


Hello @sergiy,

Has this been resolved in the latest version of survey solutions? I would like to use %rostertitle% within an expression, see code below.

(@rowcode == A1)?

No, this is not resolved in the latest version of Survey Solutions because this has not been planned to be resolved. On the contrary, the value of rostertitle is not available in the syntax by design.

In your case however this is not required as the rostertitle will just be the name of the member from the trigger question, to which you do have access from the syntax.

Note however that your use of Member_list question here is illogical, since Member_list (if this is indeed a text list-type question) contains the names of all persons, but you wish to have the name of just 1 person.

Note also that your syntax will be incompatible with multilingual questionnaires.

In practice we code “What is the age of %rostertitle%?” even if we understand that we sometimes will be talking to that person directly. The interviewer may substitute for YOU in the conversation, but must know and be certain what person the conversation is about.