Ability to split Assignments

(Scott Sheridan) #1

Allow supervisors to split assignments across multiple interviewers.

For example, a supervisor has been given an assignment to gather 20 surveys (with some identifying questions left blank).
It would be useful for the supervisor to be able to assign a subset of these surveys to their interviewers, for example if they have 4 interviewers, they could assign 5 to each rather than the current use case where HQ needs to create 4 assignments of size 5

(Misha) #2

I am not sure if creating 4 assignments of size 5 is more labor intensive as splitting assignments. The later requires new functionality, UI, etc. So, unless you have something else in mind, I see no point of implementing it.

That ticket was moved to that forum from the old feature request board

(Scott Sheridan) #3

The idea here is to split the workload and responsibility, to reduce the workload on HQ and the need to micromanage the supervisors.
In the suggested scenario, HQ can give a number of assignment to a supervisor without prior knowledge of how the supervisor will assign the interviews to their interviewers.
HQ could assign 100 interviews to a supervisor and doesn’t really care how many interviewers the supervisor uses to complete these 100 interviews.

(Scott Sheridan) #4

I can understand how this would be a large amount of work for an unknown amount of gain however so am not intending to push hard for this feature.