Ability to create folders in Designer for storing questionnaires

Use case: For first-time users, user-created folders may not be useful. They have few enough questionnaires and can easily keep organized via search. For most users who have done more than 1 survey, user-created folders would help with organization. In the same way that desktop folders are useful to organize work work (e.g., by project), user-created folders on Survey Solutions could help users find things and use questionnaire names that do not capture all of the context of the questionnaire (e.g., “Household survey” stored in the projectName/beforePilot/final/ folder instead of “Household survey - final - before pilot - 2019”).

Implementation ideas: Any facility for user-created folders would be welcome. At a minimum, folders could be private but the questionnaires in them shared. Ideally, folders too could be shared, like with Google Drive/DropBox/etc. While I am not sure how this would be implemented, I imagine that questionnaires would retain their GUID, and gain another ID property: the folder contains them.

Work-arounds: None. Users need to organize themselves by other means (e.g., search, naming and renaming files questionnaires, etc.)


I definitely second Arthur’s suggestion. For those of us that have implemented many surveys in Survey Solutions, the growing list of questionnaires on designer is becoming more unmanageable. I imagine this would also be an attractive (or I would argue, necessary) feature for NSOs and other organizations that have shifted to Survey Solutions to better (centrally) organize all of their questionnaires.

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As I grow further buried in questionnaires, I wanted to float this feature request back to the top for community consideration. For my part, I work on multiple surveys and regularly find myself asking others “what is the latest version of [SURVEY APP]”. In my better organized moments, I have a link in my computer file system or on a Trello board. In my less flattering moments–more frequent these days–I find myself searching Designer, looking at change dates, and typically still asking colleagues and contacts about which is the latest verison.

I agree this is a worth will feature.

This will aid me at the Statistical office with multiple surveys currently enumerated.