A series of problems encountered when logging into the Interviewer app

Hello everyone,

After upgrading our server to the latest version 22.06, we have discovered several daunting problems recently. The following is specific descriptions.

1 . Our interviewers reported that after entering the correct parameters (synchronization point, account name and password), some accounts are still unable to log in, which will get an error as shown in the picture. How should this situation be resolved?

2 . Meanwhile, those accounts that logged in successfully were asked to change their passwords again, as shown in the image. What can we do to avoid changing passwords?


Thanks !

Hello Mari,

  1. regarding the first question, something may be blocking access from the tablet to that server in the network you are connected to. Or you have a typo somewhere within the address that is not easily spottable (an extra space somewhere, perhaps?). It is hard to know for sure. But note that the tablet which shows the successful login shows a WiFi signal strength indicator, while your first screenshot with an unsuccessful attempt - does not. Perhaps the tablet is not connected to the network at all?
  2. regarding the second question - all persons working under Survey Solutions accounts MUST assign own password. This is mandatory since v21.05, see more details in the release notes. As the note says “This feature is not optional. It may not be switched off or disabled.
  3. Please make sure you have changed the compromised password shown on your screenshot.
  4. Survey Solutions is only safe with https, and will not be safe with http. I would also recommend you to use some other than the default port 9700.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks sergiy for your insightful advice.

1 . Regarding your first point, I have to make it clear that all tablets were connected to the same wifi when our interviewer performed login operations. So I am convinced that it is caused by other reasons.

Since our server is based on the campus network of HZAU (华中农业大学), I’m wondering if the campus network firewall will block certain ip’s from logging in.

2 . Regarding your forth point, I would like to ask what operations are needed to (1) turn http into https and (2) change the default port.

Best, mari

While @sergiy will undoubtedly have a better response, here are an attempt at an answer.

To change the default port, see here. See also under the “Change port from 9700 to 80” heading here.

To move from HTTP to HTTPS, the short version: install an SSL certificate.

The longer version is that the mechanism varies depending on where you’re hosting Survey Solutions. If on a local server, see here and here. If on AWS, you can either do as with the local server (see here) or get a free SSL certificate from AWS if you use a load balancer (see also here).