A Question about Designer Website and New Server

Survey Solutions user Jud Shearer has sent us the following question:

I wanted to verify that I can continue to work with our surveys that are saved on the Survey Solutions Designer website and create new ones, even though we don’t have a server at this point.

Yes, the Designer site remains operational and is independent from any data server installations (whether the user has or doesn’t have any data server deployed).

Jud Shearer further writes:

I am asking if all the procedures for setting up a survey on the server, uploading and downloading surveys from tablets, reviewing tablets, etc. will run the same … as it did for the last two years…

There is only one Survey Solutions same for all installations as explained here, but compared to what was there two years ago, the program has advanced quite a bit, and the changes have been listed in the release notes.

Jud may use a PDS to confirm that the specific functionality that he is interested in works same as before or has been changed (for example if he has prepared a manual with screenshots, etc).