A chief and a person called checker

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I want to have your advice about a process we want to do with survey solutions.
We will conduct soon a survey with survey solutions on tablets.
Each team of enumerators will have a chief and a person called checker. all members of each team will have each on its tablet.
During the data collection, when the enumerator finished a interview, he will send to his chief to check the questionnaire filled. when the chief validates the questionnaire, he must send the questionnaire validated to the checker to check again the questionnaire.
We want to apply this procedure with survey solutions. So I have some questions about it:
1- Is it possible de create two accounts of survey solutions supervisor to check data of the same enumerators?
2- If question 1 is possible, then Is it possible to share questionnaire filled between two accounts of survey solutions supervisor?
3- If questions 1 and 2 are not possibles, what solution or advice can you share me to apply this procedure described above?

Team A could be comprised of:

  • supervisorA (supervisor account),
  • interviewerA1 (interviewer account),
  • interviewerA2 (interviewer account),
  • interviewerAk (interviewer account).
  • checkerA (interviewer account).

and similarly all other teams B,C,…

Each interviewer has only one supervisor within a Survey Solutions workspace.

Upon receiving a completed interview the supervisor should reject it to the checker. Once the checker leaves her comments and completes, the supervisor should further decide based in this feedback and own verification results whether to approve the interview or reject to the original interviewer.

Best, Sergiy