404 error when making a new survey assignment

404 error when making a new survey assignment

Hello community, have a nice afternoon.
I have a bug in version 24.6 or latest at the moment.
I have installed in a docker environment with remote postgresql and I have an error when importing the forms made in https://designer.mysurvey.solutions/

the docker code is as follows:

docker run -d -p 9700:80 --name surveysolutions \
    -e "HQ_Headquarters__BaseUrl=https://encuesta.webpage.com" \
    -e "HQ_ConnectionStrings__DefaultConnection=Server=host;Port=5432;User Id=user;Password=pass;Database=db_survey" \
    -e "ASPNETCORE_URLS=http://+:80" \
    -v "/home/docker/surveysolutions/AppData:/app/AppData" \

It does database migrations very well after that I create users as headquarters and I want to import forms from the designer and it does it well.

  1. where I have errors when making a new assignment.
  2. In this step wait and take a long time.
  3. finally i get a 404 error.
  4. The docker logs are as follows.

Someone help me please…

Could you please check the Healthcheck?