2 interviews under same assignment

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In the current survey we are conducting we’ve noticed that for some assignments 2 interviews are created (that is, 2 interviews under the same assignment that happen to have the same household). Despite only happening in 3 cases, this is quite a puzzle.

We use batch uploading every time, and we never specify “_quantity”. Since this only happened in 3 out of 4000+ assignments, could it be the case that something at the supervisor/interviewer level occurred?

Don’t know if this adds or not, but 2 of those cases happened in the first batch uploaded in one questionnaire (under the same supervisor and state), and the other case in the first batch of another questionnaire (under another supervisor and state).

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At the support site https://support.mysurvey.solutions/ type Excessive interviews in the search and pick a FAQ article on the topic.

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Sergiy, many thanks!

Quick follow up: can you imagine a situation were this happens even within the same interviewer? 1 out of the 3 cases we have is the same interviewer the one who submits the double interview.

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Did you by any chance upgrade the assignments (==Importing a new questionnaire) at any point of time? As described here, this can lead to “duplicate” interviews BUT NOT duplicate assignment_id’s.

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Hi Peter, thanks for reaching out.

That is a good point/question. However, we did not. We are indeed managing multiple questionnaires, but in a separate way. These duplicates occurred within the same versions of questionnaires.

I think something along the lines of what Sergiy pointed out is what happened. I’m just trying to have a better picture of the particular case where it happen with the same interviewer.

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yes, I can. But it also follows from your description that this has already happened. So rather than rely on my imagination, check the interviewer actions log to see when these interviews were created.

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Hi Sergiy,

I had already checked the logs before coming here, and I think for 2 of the 3 cases the path is something similar (if not identical) to what the article you sent describes (I apologize because I also checked the documentation and the forum, but perhaps I was missing the exact term “excessive interviews”).

In that article, the path is quite clear and (moreover) easy to identify using the log info (you can se when the assignment is reassigned to other interviewer, and you can easily make the story up). However, for this other case where the “excessive” interview occurred within the same interviewer, is not that easy to extrapolate.

First, by checking the log on the assignment, I can see that it is only assigned once to the interviewer. Second, by checking the log of both excessive interviews I see that both are created at the same time.

Going back to the last post, my question was trying to get at a story similar to the one in the article that I can translate into instructions for the field force on what not to do so as to avoid these excessive interviews. Since the explanation/story in the article seems not to apply to this particular case, I asked here in case you’ve had a similar episode in the past.

Thanks again for the help,