2 enumerators (i.e two tablets) needed for one household interview

We’re running a survey that has the typical household portion but also contains another section that is gender-disaggregated. For this we will need to interview one woman and one man from the same household, and will require 2 enumerators (the enumerator should be the same gender as the respondent). It’s expected that the entire interview will take place over 2 days to avoid respondent fatigue.

The first option to do this is to have one enumerator wait while the other finishes i.e. one tablet. This has the benefit of keeping the data contained neatly in one interview but has the con of losing time and also failing to ensure that the other respondent will not be present for the previous interview. The structure of the interview in the designer would go HH > Gender

A second option is for both enumerators conduct the interview simultaneously i.e. two tablets. We would prefer to do this but are concerned about the best way to later link the interviews together and ensure that there is no error in the household ID. The structure here would be to go HH > Gender1 and then have a second survey just for Gender2. I imagine that both would be assigned at the same time by the supervisor to ensure similar household ID and then later linked during data cleaning.

Any suggestions on the most efficient way to do this? Thanks!


Dear Neha,

provided that the ‘gender’ interviews are not referring to any information in the HH-level, the second described way is best. Interviewers don’t have to enter identifying information if this can be preloaded by HQ. So that interviewers John and Jessica will receive assignments for male and female respondents within the same household, and one of them will receive the assignment for the HH-level info. Since you mention you only want to interview one man and one woman, that results in 3 assignments in total with the same preloaded identifying information. You can include the HH sample number into the identifying fields, so that later you can match based on just that one number.

Best, Sergiy